Balderton Capital back cycling infrastructure

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Balderton Capital, one of the Europe’s leading technology venture capitalist teams backed the Mayor’s plans for kerb separated cycling in the heart of the city.

Harry Briggs, Principal at Balderton, encouraged the Mayor : ‘ Like many businesses in London, a large and growing number of our team cycle to work. Perhaps more importantly we see how cycling is the most popular mode of transport for many of the most innovative, fastest growing companies that we invest in.

We value employee satisfaction, productivity and health, and that’s why we fully support the plans outlined by TfL to create new segregated routes through the heart of the city.

The proposed North–South and East–West routes will help this city attract and retain the entrepreneurs and employees that London’s businesses needs to thrive.

Let’s see them soon!

Kind regards,Harry Briggs, Balderton Capital

Harry Briggs

Principal, Balderton Capital