Managing Director of Arete backs segregated cycling infrastructure

In January 2000 and after four years as the #1 rated technology analyst in Europe, Richard Kramer left Goldman Sachs to form Arete, Europe’s leading provider of technology equity research.

Richard spelt out why he supports TfL’s plans for cycling infrastructure:

I’m the MD and founder of a 30+ person technology research imagescompany in London. More than half of our staff cycle to work and cycling is the primary way we get around town to see clients and partners. The efficiency and health benefits are clear to our business.

In 2005, one of our co-founders was tragically killed by a lorry while cycling. As a small company, this had a profound impact on all of us. Another such incident would surely force us to consider leaving London, despite its world-class, vibrant economy.

Bringing a Dutch-style cycling infrastructure to London is long overdue, as would be sensible proposals to limit the hours of HGVs on the road. To keep the SMEs like ourselves that attract talent and power London’s economy growing, we can’t waste more time in reallocating public space to healthy, efficient, and green transport.

Richard Kramer, Founder & Managing Director, Arete LLP