Leading theatrical construction company backs Mayor’s plans

unnamedFactory Settings is a world class scenery construction company whose teams shuttle between their offices in the east of London and the many cultural venues in the heart of London.
Responsible for eye catching design work at the Olympics and in London, cycling infrastructure is key to their employees , founders Lucien Mansell and Will Jackson explain why:
‘Factory Settings Ltd would like to back the new plans for the East/West and North/South cycle superhighways. We firmly believe these will help our business.
Factory Settings is a world class scenery construction company. Founded in London in 2005, we have expanded rapidly over the last few years relying on a great team of staff, many of whom come to work by bike, or get to our various sites in London by riding. We work in cultural venues from the Royal Opera House, to the Victoria and Albert Museum.
From our extensive work on helping deliver the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, we understand the need for London to have an efficient and extensive road network for goods and services. We also know that other cities have seen journey times for vehicles decrease when roads are designed to allocate safe space for bicycle users.
We urge the Mayor, and TfL to proceed with these plans for the benefit of all Londoners. We want this city to continue to be a thriving centre for culture and the arts, in which we play an important role.’

Founders and Directors, Lucien Mansell and Will JacksonUK - London - the making of the giant Greenpeace polar bear puppet Aurora