British Military Fitness back plans for segregated cycling lanes in central London

British Military Fitness logoBritish Military Fitness is a UK phenomenon. Now operating training in 140 locations in the UK with over 20,000 weekly participants, its members can be seen training in parks all over the UK.

Rob Love, Managing Director of British Military Fitness, explained why segregated cycling infrastructure in cities like London is so important:

‘Our business is entirely based around getting people active and enjoying being outdoors. We are delighted to see the idea of road space being given to those on bikes, many thousands of whom are our customers and staff.

‘We promote the idea of using London’s amazing open spaces to encourage fitness, well-being and having fun. Our 15 years of working in London has shown us that there is a huge demand for people wanting to exercise as part of their lifestyle. Our background in the military gives us a firm understanding of the benefits of a fit and active workforce, and we recognise that many more people would ride if more dedicated, and safer resources were provided.

‘These new lanes will enable many more Londoners to take up riding, either for leisure or commuting and be able to do so in comfort.  We look forward to seeing the scheme implemented.’