Forster Communications back TfL’s ‘Crossrail for Bikes’

forster-logo-featuredForster Communications is a PR agency based on Southwark Street, near London Bridge, and they have operated in London since their creation in 1996.

Peter Gilheany, Director of PR explained why Forster Communications were backing the plans:

‘We have long been an advocate of cycling in London as it makes sense for us as a business on all levels. We incentivise our staff to commute by bike and we pay 40p a mile for all business cycling, as well as providing free training and a pool of Bromptons for all staff to use when needed. We do that for a number of reasons but primary amongst them are our desire to be as green a business as possible, to help our staff be as healthy and happy as possible, and to save us time and money. Cycling helps deliver against all of these things.

At the moment, 40% of our staff regularly cycle to or at work, but the the main barrier to getting more of them on bikes is their fear of the conditions on London roads. Our day to day business involves inspiring people to make positive changes to their behaviour, but no amount of campaigning and marketing in the world will do as much to get people onto bikes as effectively as better infrastructure would.

We value their safety and we want to promote active lifestyles for all our employees. We support their freedom to choose how they get to work. We also note strong evidence that more cycling increases spending in local retail businesses and lowers air pollution levels.

The proposed north–south and east–west routes will help us attract and retain the employees our business needs to continue to thrive. They will also make London a more attractive city in which to build and run our business.

‘Crossrail for Bikes’ is, on balance, great for our business and for London.’