Major building supplier CEMEX UK wants ‘Crossrail for Bikes’ in central London

cemex-logoCEMEX is a global company supplying cement and other building materials to construction sites. Hundreds of CEMEX UK’s HGVs use London’s roads daily to keep construction sites supplied with the raw materials that turn architectural plans into homes, businesses, and public buildings. Road safety is a major concern for CEMEX UK, which is why they are supporting the Cycle Superhighway plans.

Matthew Wild is CEMEX UK’s VP Cement Commercial, Building Products and Logistics. He released this statement today:

Matt WildCEMEX UK supports the new Cycle Highways plans in London offering segregated routes for cyclists. As a major building materials supplier, our large goods vehicles are constantly transporting concrete, aggregates and cement across the capital. We have to share the road space and since 2004, we have introduced additional safety features on our vehicles, undertaken regular driver training including putting our drivers onto bikes and encouraged more than 6000 cyclists to get into our cabs to see the road from the driver’s perspective at Exchanging place events throughout the country. All aimed at keeping vulnerable road users safe.

Segregated routes will give cyclists their own road space while allowing businesses to continue their day-to-day work.