London manufacturer Brompton Bicycle support the Cycle Superhighways

brompton-logoBrompton Bicycle is one of London’s most successful and iconic design and manufacturing companies. They build 40,000 bicycles a year, and employ over 200 staff in their London factory. Since production started in the 1970’s they have made around 400,000 bikes in total and export to over 45 countries around the world. Production is looking to expand to 50,000 bikes by next year.

Managing Director Will Butler-Adams is hugely passionate about promoting cycling in cities and cycling safety, and explained why the two new cycle routes were so important to him and Brompton Bicycle:

will-butler-adamsIn our factory in West London, Brompton produces around 40,000 bikes a year and employs 230 staff. The iconic bikes are a familiar sight on the streets of London as well as other cities: 70% of production is exported to 45 countries worldwide.

Upwards of two thirds of staff regularly cycle. Many have intermodal journeys; riding a Brompton gives you the freedom of getting around by bike and the flexibility to use other transport if you need to.

Despite rises in cycle commuting and improvements in infrastructure, we at Brompton are confident that many more would cycle regularly if London’s streets were more suitable for bikes. TfL’s cycle plans are crucial to improving our city for everyone: reducing the risks cyclists face on the roads will make the journeys of existing cycle commuters easier and more efficient and, importantly, more people will recognise cycling to work as a healthy and enjoyable alternative to sitting in traffic jams or crammed in a tube train.

Even for those who don’t cycle, it’s hard to argue against fewer people clamouring to get on your bus in the morning, or more free parking spaces when you get to work. And if you are tempted to take to two wheels, well we think our bike is the ultimate space saver: 42 folded Bromptons fit in one parking space.

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