Action Aid add support for safe cycle routes in London


ActionAid is an international NGO whose primary aim is to fight poverty and injustice worldwide.

ActionAid works with local partners in over 45 countries, helping over 15 million impoverished and disadvantaged people worldwide

Graham Salisbury, head of Human Resources at ActionAid’s London office wrote to TfL with this statement

‘ActionAid is a leading global INGO.  In total we have over 180 staff members located in our London office near Farringdon. We recognize that cycling brings a number of benefits to our organisation and our staff – specifically:

–          Cycling reduces congestion on tubes and bus routes meaning we can all get more done

–          Fitting exercise into a daily commutes makes for healthier, more productive teams

–          Poor air quality and noise pollution affect businesses as well as residents.

–          As an organization responding to emergencies (many of which are caused by climate change) we strongly support initiatives which promote more environmentally friendly alternatives.

‘We have already implemented a number of initiatives to support our staff to cycle including the Bike to Work Scheme.  However, we believe that an even larger proportion of our team would cycle to the office if they felt comfortable and safe on the roads. It is for this reason that we support the plans for the north–south and east–west routes cycle lanes, which would offer more appropriate cycling infrastructure directly outside our offices,  and ultimately safer journeys to work for our staff.

‘Part of our employee strategy for 2015 is to Make ActionAid a Great Place to Work,  and we firmly believe that safer routes and access to our office would contribute significantly toward us achieving this objective.

Graham Salisbury,Graham Actionaid

Head of Human Resources

ActionAid UK