Prince’s Foundation supports the new Cycle Superhighway plans

princes-foundation-logoThe Prince’s Foundation for Building Community is an educational charity based in Shoreditch. Operating since 1986, the charity transforms lives by building enduring and harmonious places. They have a particular emphasis on helping people integrate sustainable ideas into their communities. This makes the Foundation a natural fit for supporting TfL’s new ‘Crossrail for Bikes’ scheme.

Dr. Matthew Hardy sent the following letter to TfL on behalf of the Foundation:

We support the Mayor’s proposal for segregated cycling tracks north-south and east-west across central London. The Mayor’s proposals follow years of successful implementation in the Netherlands, where they have resulted in a healthy balance between active travel and public transport, making Dutch town centres attractive places for people. Dutch planning has successfully supported thriving businesses while building community cohesion and creating streets that are safe for children, elderly and disabled people.

We believe that the proposals are an important first step for London, and will lead to Londoners enjoying healthier lives in streets that are more lively, people-oriented places. As a Central London based employer and built environment advocate for the last 25 years, the Foundation has been a leader in encouraging cycling, providing one of the first secure in-building cycle parks in London in January 2006. We therefore wholeheartedly endorse the London cycle tracks where they are sensitively designed in harmony with the surrounding streetscape as an important contribution to sustainable urbanism.