Wednesday Roundup of supporters


Here at CyclingWorks, we’ve been privileged to tap into a tremendous well of support for safe and comfortable cycle infrastructure. We quite literally have no idea who is going to send the next letter, and seeing statements from employers big and small has been a joy throughout the process.

lshift-logoThe number of statements keeps growing and we simply cannot provide full posts for every sender at this point. With less than a week to go, the most important thing is for the public to know who has sent letters. And just as importantly, we want to recognise those who have taken time from their busy schedules to make a difference. So this is a roundup of employers that have sent us statements which haven’t yet made it on the site. Expect more roundups as Sunday approaches.

Software and Technology

  • Balloon One builds supply chain software
  • Lshift designs and produces bespoke software solutions
  • Reach7 does social media management for businesses
  • Fxpansion create professional audio software from their office in Shoreditch
  • Massive Interactive are pioneering the next generation of  video entertainment for on-demand services
  • Happy Ltd provides tailored learning courses for IT systems
  • User Experience Design makes usable, simple websites and provides SEO services

Architecture and Building

  • David Morley Architects has won over 50 design awards for buildings throughout the UK
  • Ecobuild is a Hackney-based construction company
  • EasyMix Concrete supplies concrete to the London building trade, specialising in mixing on-site


  • Carnstone Partners LLP is a corporate sustainability and CSR consultancy
  • BigSofa are a video analytics and management service provider to UK and international clients


  • Hotblack Desiato is an estate agent in Islington and Camden which has a unique approach to cycling.
    “We at Hotblack Desiato estate agents, are somewhat unusual in that we cycle to appointments wherever we can.  We promote cycling as a form of transport, exercise and as a social activity. We even give bikes away to people who sell houses through us.”
  • Southern Housing Group is a 100-year-old Housing Association based in Farringdon which provides affordable housing for over 29,000 homes in London and the South East.

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