Olswang, Travers Smith LLP support new ‘Crossrail for Bikes’ scheme

Travers_Smith_logoTwo large City law firms have announced their support for TfL’s Cycle Superhighway plans. Travers Smith LLP was founded 200 years ago in London and considered to be a member of the “Silver Circle” of major City law firms. They employ 520 people in the City advising companies on corporate and commercial matters.

olswang-logoOlswang have also sent in a statement of support. The firm mainly works in IP, media and technology law and has over 500 people working in their London office. CEO Michael Burdon sent this statement to TfL:

Olswang is an international law firm with headquarters in Holborn. We have over 500 people in our London office, 10% of whom cycle to work.

As a business, we are committed to being responsible to our clients, our employees and our environment. We do this, not because we think we have to, nor just because others do, but because we passionately believe that as a responsible and sustainable business, we will flourish and make a positive contribution to the world in which we live.

We are confident that a greater proportion of the firm would cycle to work if the road network provided a safer and more appealing option. The Barclays cycle hire scheme made a noticeable impact on people cycling to work, and improvements to the road network will increase the number of cyclists further and encourage more people to think, and act, greener.

We value the safety, and well-being, of our employees, and through our various corporate and environmental responsibility programs actively support green travel options for our staff. The two proposed cycle routes will make a huge difference to the journeys of our staff in both efficiency, and more importantly, safety, and will generally make London a more pleasant city in which to travel and operate our business.

We believe the plans are great for London, both for cyclists and pedestrians who will also benefit, and urge Transport for London to deliver these plans as soon as possible.