WATG, jtp and Greycoat announce support for new Cycle Superhighways

Some of the earliest and most enthusiastic supporters of the Cycle Superhighway plans have been architecture and property firms. They know what it takes to create a city where people want to live and work, because their clients talk to them about it every day. The businesses below join nearly 20 others who have told TfL how important their plans for the twin Cycle Superhighways are.

watg-logoWATG are a multinational architecture firm with offices in 7 cities around the world. They have designed projects in 160 countries, generally major luxury resorts and residences. They have been based in London for 20 years. Nicole Hammond, Operations Director, sent a statement to TfL about the Cycle Superhighway plans:

Like many businesses in London, a growing number of our 80 employees, including myself, cycle to work. An even larger proportion of our team would cycle to the office if they felt comfortable and safe on the roads. I have been cycling in London for more than 20 years and have seen how much things have improved in that time – but I know that there is still much room for improvement and that many people still do not feel safe cycling in London.

jtpJohn Thompson & Partners are a architectural design practice focusing on placemaking. From their studios in London, Edinburgh, and Shanghai they design everything from cities and towns down to individual buildings by working with those who will live and work there. Operations Partner Janet Lewis sent this letter to TfL:

Like many businesses in London, we place great importance on sustainability and have converted part of our studios into a cycle store with shower and changing facilities to enable our staff to cycle to work. Although a large proportion of our staff already cycle to work, we believe that even more member of our practice would cycle to the office if they felt comfortable and safe on the roads.

greycoatGraycoat are a commercial property firm who have been based in London for 35 years. They develop and manage London offices including the striking 120 Fenchurch Street, the London home of Italy’s largest bank. Director Dan Higginson sent this statement to TfL:

For over 35 years Greycoat Real Estate LLP has specialised in central London offices, developing over 5 million sq ft of commercial space, and being responsible for managing over 50 significant assets. Greycoat currently manages over 2 million sq ft of commercial projects in London, acting as operating partner to a variety of UK and overseas investors. We are based to the south of The Strand, immediately adjacent to the Embankment section of the proposed Cycle Superhighway.

At present approximately one third of staff in our office cycle to work on a regular basis, relying heavily on the north–south and east–west routes highlighted in the proposals. In our role as asset manager we see increasing demand from our occupiers for high quality cycling facilities, and we are incorporating safer access, secure cycle storage, lockers, and showers into all of our new projects.

In addition to the health and environmental benefits, we recognise the important role that cycling plays in the long term sustainability of London’s transport infrastructure, linking communities and sub‐markets. Safer, segregated cycling routes make travelling by bike a real option for more people living and working in the city, and studies by Living Streets and Just Economics suggest that the implementation of cycling projects can increase spending in local retail businesses by up to 30%.

We also note strong evidence that more cycling lowers air pollution levels. We support ‘Crossrail for Bikes’, and encourage the plans to be delivered without delay.