Strong support for cycle ‘superhighways’ on behalf of disabled groups and the elderly





A number of charities working with disabled Londoners have come together to offer their support for the proposed introduction of protected cycle routes in the city. In an open letter to TfL, Wheels for Wellbeing, Inclusion London and a number of others, have made it clear that

‘These proposals promise to provide space for cycling suitable for all…. With the right design, whether a Paralympian, a parent cycling their little ones to school or across-city hand-cycling commuter, everyone will to be able to cycle comfortably along these much safer proposed routes.

Director for Wheels for Wellbeing Isabel Clement said

We strongly support the spirit of the plans whilst requesting that care is taken to ensure that the resulting infrastructure is fully inclusive in its design. We therefore call for TfL to work with Wheels for Wellbeing to ensure that the investment which is about to be made:

  •  Results in infrastructure which can be used by disabled and older cyclists , whatever they ride – bikes, tandems, tricycles, handcycles, tag-alongs, etc.
  • Gets London on the way to becoming the most inclusive cycling city in the world (where cycling  is an easy, accessible option for disabled people and fully integrated with other modes of transport).

A copy of the letter is available here  Open Letter to TfL Board