“Overwhelming response” to Cycle Superhighway plans from London employers



  • Over 14,000 responses to Cycle Superhighway consultation

  • Majority of responses are in favour of the cycle plans

  • Over 165 leading London employers back Cycle Superhighway plans

For the past two months, CyclingWorks.London have been collecting employer responses to the Mayor of London’s Cycle Superhighway plans. They have been overwhelmed by the volume of positive responses received.

Transport for London’s consultation on the two cycle routes closed yesterday, Sunday November the 9th. The Mayor’s Cycling Commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, told the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme they had received over 14,000 responses, of which approximately 80% had been positive. Over 160 leading London businesses and organisations have also taken the unusual step of responding to the consultation, as CyclingWorks.London coordinator Chris Kenyon explains:

“At the beginning of this consultation we had a trickle of businesses telling us they wanted to support the Mayor’s cycling plans. By the end of it we were overwhelmed with responses. From Bishops to bankers, from a sofa delivery company to some of London’s most exclusive lawyers, one CEO after another has taken the time to tell us – and the Mayor – that they want these safe cycle routes built without delay.”

The two superhighways will join up existing and planned cycle routes and will have the capacity to move 6,000 people each hour; the equivalent of 20 extra Tube trains or 82 additional London buses. The segregated cycle paths will lead to junctions and roads along their routes being re-designed.

The Canary Wharf Group have said they believe the plans are being rushed through, whilst the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association have said they believe not enough research has been made in to the impact on air quality by cycling schemes.

Chris Kenyon:

“Claims these plans are being rushed through are pure filibuster. The route was revealed in 2013, and will not be delivered until 2016 – three years from drawing board to completion. It’s worth remembering 14 cyclists were killed on London’s roads last year. Stalling for time is something London simply can’t afford to do.

“There’s been a tidal wave of support from companies in London who recognise that these bold Cycle Superhighway plans are not just a good thing for cyclists, but a good thing for the city as a place to employ the best talent and do business. The Mayor now has a clear mandate to build these bike tracks, it is time for him to get on with it.”

Note: A full list of the employers who have written in support of the plans and alerted us is available on this page.