Employer statements of support continue via CyclingWorks.London


The Transport for London consultation on Crossrail for Bikes ended on 9th November, after a two week extension. As reported at the time, TfL were stunned by how many responses they received: over 14,000 individuals, companies and organisations took the opportunity to respond about the plans. Of those, 80% were in favour.  With your help, the CyclingWorks project contributed 160 responses from employers big and small throughout London. Thank you very much!

The numbers are impressive, but the reality with a project this large is that just being a popular isn’t always enough. The strong and continued public support of employers and institutions is still very important to ensuring that the project is completed as scheduled and to a high standard.

That’s why we here at CyclingWorks will continue to accept and publish statements of support from London employers until TfL make the final decision to actually fund and build the two Cycle Superhighways which comprise Crossrail for Bikes. If your employer wasn’t able to send in a statement before the consultation deadline, please let them know that we are still interested in publishing a letter from them.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. By working together, soon we’ll all be able to enjoy the benefits of protected cycle tracks in the capital!