New London Cycle Superhighways an “extremely smart investment” say businesses

extraordinary-coalition-featuredThe Mayor of London’s plans to move ahead with kerb-protected cycling infrastructure in the heart of the city has been strongly welcomed by over 170 London employers and business campaigning group CyclingWorks.London.

Transport for London’s revised plans reduce potential delays to motor traffic whilst delivering a high-quality cycling route, demonstrating that they have listened to the overwhelming response to the public consultation.

Business leaders contacted CyclingWorks.London throughout the two-month consultation to express their support for the proposals Major employers representing hundreds of thousands of jobs in London across the finance, law, entertainment, design, construction, property, healthcare and education sectors were unanimous in calling for the cycleway to be built.

CyclingWorks.London co-founder Chris Kenyon said:

London needs nurses, lawyers, accountants, cleaners, bankers and teachers and they increasingly cycle to work. It is common sense that in a civilised city we take steps to ensure Londoners can go about their business by bike safely.

“We all benefit from more Londoners getting on their bikes. The city is less polluted; employees are healthier and happier; congestion on public transport is relieved and the city is a more attractive place to live and work.

“At a fraction of the cost of Crossrail, running additional buses or more trains, this high-capacity cycleway is an extremely smart investment. It will unlock the city to cyclists of all ages and abilities.”

The two superhighways will join up existing and planned cycle routes and will have the capacity to move 6,000 people each hour. This is the equivalent of 20 extra Tube trains or 82 additional London buses. Junctions and roads along the planned routes will be redesigned to allow safe and comfortable cycling for those of all ages and abilities.

About CyclingWorks.London

CyclingWorks encourages and highlights business support for segregated cycling infrastructure in London.

Over 170 employers have made public statements of support for the plans including Rothschild, Unilever, the Financial Times, Universal Music, Microsoft,  Orange, Land Securities, Coca-Cola Europe and the Royal Opera House. In addition to this all four major trauma centers, the London Air Ambulnce and the City of London Police and Southwark Cathedral are calling for the routes to be implemented.

In addition to business voices, CyclingWorks  commissioned a YouGov poll of 1000 Londoners in November that showed overwhelmingly support for kerb protected lanes even when the narrowing of roads and the potential for traffic delays are spelt out to non-cyclists.

Business support for the proposed cycling infrastructure has been cited in Financial Times, The Evening Standard, The Times, The Guardian, LBC, BBC News and by the BBC London Politics Show in the last three months.

Contact: info@CyclingWorks.London  | Twitter: CyclingWorksLDN

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