The world’s largest music label ask TfL for safer cycle routes in London

    Universal Music is the world’s largest music label, with hundreds of the top artists signed to them. Their London headquarters is home to over hundreds of staff, many of whom ride. COO David Sharpe explained in a letter to Transport for London,  that the label includes such well known brands as  Capitol, Decca, Island,… Read More

Flood of support for Cycle Superhighways from design professionals

  Support for the Cycle Superhighway plans continues to be strong among those who have dedicated their lives to design. From digital marketing and web design to award-winning airline interiors and wayfinding infrastructure, London’s creative class is unanimous in their support for safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure. The below companies have all sent TfL letters of… Read More

Penguin, Profile Books, U of Westminster support Cycle Superhighway plans

Two publishers released support for the Cycle Superhighways today: Penguin Random House is a major publisher with offices in Pimlico. Profile Books is a leading independent publishing house based near King’s Cross. These join DK and Simon & Schuster in urging the Mayor to build the Superhighways without delay. In addition,  one more London university also sent in a… Read More

Publisher, Dorling Kindersley & software giant Workday: ‘Build the new Cycle Superhighways’

Dorling Kindersley is a subsidiary of Penguin Random House. They are a worldwide publisher who specialise in illustrated reference books, and have been based in the Strand for over 40 years. Carole Mackenzie is Head of HR at DK UK and she released a statement about TfL’s Cycle Superhighway plans: ‘Like many businesses in London,… Read More