Rothschild, the 200-year-old investment bank, backs Cycle Superhighways

Rothschild is a British multinational bank with operations in 40 countries. Founded in the City of London in 1811, it is the world’s 31st oldest bank. Among many other things, they provide mergers and acquisition consultancy, asset management and venture capital. Executive Vice-Chairman Simon Linnett sent TfL this letter yesterday: Rothschild is a leading provider of… Read More

Skrill adds support to cycle ‘superhighway’ plans

Skrill has added it’s voice to the huge number of London employers calling for new protected cycle routes to be built. Skrill is a leading financial services and payments business based in Canary Wharf.  They serve over 36 million customers and work with over 150,000 businesses worldwide.  They have been based in London for over… Read More

Ignitr adds detailed support for protected cycling in London

Ignitr is a software engineering firm working in the financial services sector and are based in Canary Wharf. In a detailed and well-researched response to the Transport for London consultation, Head of communications and media Angus MacDonald explained: ‘Half of ignitr’s employees cycle to work, reflecting the business’s strong affinity with cycling (we sponsor of the Nocturne,… Read More

Penguin, Profile Books, U of Westminster support Cycle Superhighway plans

Two publishers released support for the Cycle Superhighways today: Penguin Random House is a major publisher with offices in Pimlico. Profile Books is a leading independent publishing house based near King’s Cross. These join DK and Simon & Schuster in urging the Mayor to build the Superhighways without delay. In addition,  one more London university also sent in a… Read More

Royal Bank of Scotland, with 12,000 London employees, backs segregated cycle routes in the city

Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the powerhouses of the City, today backed segregated cycling and the new ‘Crossrail for bikes’ proposals for London. RBS has 12,000 employees working in London with three major buildings in Bishopsgate and another major site at Aldgate Union. RBS’s CEO Ross McEwan cycles himself and chose to have Swift Cycles, a growing RBS… Read More

Professional indemnity insurance provider Collegiate backs ‘Crossrail for bikes’

Collegiate Management Services Ltd is a leading professional indemnity insurance management company based in Aldgate. They provide insurance and claims management services to the London insurance market and have been based in London for over 25 years. Martin Archer, Legal Director outlined why Collegiate Management Services back TfL’s new plans: ‘Like many businesses in London, a growing number… Read More

Gores Group, with £2.3bn of assets under management, backs Crossrail for bikes

The Gores Group is a private equity group focused on acquiring and partnering with businesses that can benefit from their operational expertise and capital base. The team acquire and operate businesses across a diverse range of industries and have over £2.3bn of assets under their management. Fernando Goni, Managing director at Gores Group explained why the team, who have… Read More