British Military Fitness back plans for segregated cycling lanes in central London

British Military Fitness is a UK phenomenon. Now operating training in 140 locations in the UK with over 20,000 weekly participants, its members can be seen training in parks all over the UK. Rob Love, Managing Director of British Military Fitness, explained why segregated cycling infrastructure in cities like London is so important: ‘Our business… Read More

British Veterinary Association supports space for cycling in London

The British Veterinary Assocaition (BVA)  is the leading professional body representing the UK veterinary profession, with over 15,000 members.  They are based in the heart of the West End and employ 30 staff. BVA Chief Executive David Calpin released a statement today supporting TfL’s Cycle Superhighway plans. We recognise the many benefits of cycling for our staff… Read More


Barts NHS Trust, employing 15,000 staff, backs new cycle routes

Barts NHS Trust serves 2.5 million Londoners, employing over 15,000 staff on six local hospital sites in London. With a budget of over £1.2 bn a year, Barts is one of the leading healthcare providers in the UK. Mr Peter Morris is the Chief Executive of Barts Health NHS Trust. He outlined his support this week backing TfL’s Cycle… Read More