The following template should help outlining to your employer why they should support this scheme.

Subject: Crossrail for Bikes

Dear [Sir / Madam],

At the beginning of September, Transport for London released plans for two kerb-segregated Cycle Superhighways in central London. If built, these will deliver a really impressive 21 miles of safe space for cycling in the capital, including sections over Blackfriars Bridge and along Victoria Embankment. It would be a huge leap forward for the safety of all our staff who commute by bike, including me.

Unfortunately, there is a real danger that these new, much safer Cycle Superhighways will never be implemented if their detractors shout louder than their supporters. That’s why I’m canvassing public support from local organisations, starting with us.

I would very much like to have you send a letter of support for this major new scheme on behalf or our organisation. While the consultation is open until the 9th November, I would deeply appreciate us supporting this as soon as possible, potentially even in the coming week.

If you are OK to lend our support, we just need to send an email to the consultation address, It needs to specifically say “For Consideration” and mention the Cycle Superhighway consultation. In it we can explain how the plans will help our organisation and its employees. If you need some inspiration, there are some template letters here:

I would be happy to write a first draft of the statement and send it to you.

Thank you for your time,
[Your Name]