London’s leading companies understand the importance of cycling infrastructure to their employees and customers.

Rob Love, Managing Director – British Military Fitness

‘Our background in the military gives us a firm understanding of the benefits of a fit and active workforce, and we recognise that many more people would ride if more dedicated, and safer resources were provided. These new lanes will enable many more Londoners to take up riding, either for leisure or commuting and be able to do… Read More

Sir Christopher Nugee, High Court Judge

‘I have been commuting to work by bicycle ever since I first worked in London at the age of 17, now over 38 years ago… based in the Rolls Building on Fetter Lane. I urge TfL to have no hesitation in introducing this long overdue improvement, and hope you will do so as soon as possible.’

Andy Hunt, Chairman, Progressive Media Group

Cycling safety needs a higher profile. Progressive Media Group supports the proposals to implement segregated cycle super-highways in London, including two routes close to our headquarters across Blackfriars Bridge and along the Victoria Embankment.

Pollard Thomas Edwards, Architects

‘The staff and directors of Pollard Thomas Edwards cycle over 5000 miles per month on London’s streets….. These proposed dedicated cycleways will enhance London’s reputation as a forward-thinking sustainable capital city, and make travel safer for our cyclists.’

Gareth Williams, CEO

‘Both the proposed north–south and east–west routes will help us attract and retain the employees our business needs to continue to thrive’