Allen & Overy support ‘Crossrail for bikes’; ask for implementation without delay

allen-overy-logo-featuredAllen & Overy is one of the City’s leading law practices. A global business with over 500 partners and 5000 people worldwide, Allen & Overy has a turnover of £1.2bn per annum. The partnership was founded in London and has have been based in the City for over 80 years.

David Morley is the Senior Partner at Allen & Overy. He is their global lead and has worked in London for over 35 years.

‘Like many businesses in London, a growing number of our 1700 London partners and employees cycle to work, including myself. We strongly encourage our people to consider cycling to work. We know many more would do so if they felt more safe on the roads.

‘We believe almost everyone benefits from getting more people on their bikes. The city is less polluted; lifestyles are more healthy and happier; congestion on public transport is relieved; the city is a more attractive place to live and work.

‘Unfortunately, we have seen too many incidents of accidents involving our employees who cycle to work in London including one recent fatality. As a regular cyclist in London myself, I am only too well aware of the many hazards that confront our cyclist partners and employees everyday.

‘The roads of London have to be made safer for cyclists. This is a business issue as well as one for the wider community. As a civilised society we must take all necessary measures to keep people travelling about their daily business safely. Segregating cyclists and other traffic seems to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve this.

‘We welcome any proposal designed to increase the safety of our partners and staff and that makes it easier to get to work using the method they freely choose. That is why we support the proposed north–south and east–west routes.

‘Crossrail for Bikes’ is good for our business and for London. We would like to see these plans are delivered without delay.’

David Morley, david-morley

Senior Partner, Allen & Overy