Unilever PLC, with €50bn turnover and 1,200 staff in London, backs ‘Crossrail for bikes’


Anglo Dutch Unilever is a global leader in consumer goods and pre-eminent in sustainable manufacturing and distribution with a turn over of €50bn .   The company employs over 174,00 people worldwide of which 1,200 are based in the iconic Unilever House overlooking Blackfriars bridge, London.

Doug Baillie, Chief Human Resources Officer at Unilever, outlined their support for the new cycle routes:

Unilever_House_Mars_2014_01‘We have tragically lost employees in the past who have been killed while trying to cycle to or from work. We do not want to lose any more.

Our sister head office building in Rotterdam is surrounded by cycle lanes and an efficient urban tramway system. We see the benefits to urban mobility and quality of life. 

We value employee satisfaction, health, and wellbeing and that’s why we proudly endorse the plans outlined by TfL to create new segregated routes through the heart of the city.

‘Both the proposed north–south and east–west routes will help us attract and retain the employees our business needs to continue to thrive. These plans are good for business, for London, and for all Londoners whether they cycle or not.

‘We believe the proposals will make London a more attractive place to build a business, to work, and to conduct business. We also note strong evidence from cities around the world that more cycling increases spending in local retail businesses and lowers air pollution levels.

‘We support the plans and hope they can be delivered as soon as possible.’

Doug Baillie2012_podcast_baillie_a_leadership_vaccum

Chief Human Resources Officer,  Unilever