Global property management giant DTZ backs ‘Crossrail for bikes’

dtzGlobal property management firm DTZ today announced its support for TfL’s London Cycle Superhighways, stating the major infrastructure improvement will help London’s economy.  The group is a global leader in property management with 42,000 employees  across 52 countries.

DTZ released the following statement on its website today:

Many of DTZ’s employees already cycle to work and join the hundreds of thousands of journeys made by bike in the capital every day. However, there is scope to increase this number further and according to the British Council for Offices, the majority of non-cyclists cite safety concerns and lack of cycle routes as the main deterrents to cycling.

London is absent from the top 20 cities listed in the 2013 Copenhagenize Index of bicycle friendly cities and, in this respect, has fallen behind a number of world cities.

The two new Cycle Superhighways planned for the capital have the potential to change this. The new routes (which will run East-West from Tower Hill to Westbourne Terrace and North-South from King’s Cross to Elephant and Castle) will see road space reallocated to those on bikes and will increase safety and accessibility to cycling.

This major infrastructure improvement will help bring London up to continental standards and is likely to have a positive long term impact on the environment.

Colin Wilson, Head of the UK and Ireland at DTZ, says:

Wilson ColinDTZ has deep roots in London and we employ hundreds of people in our City and West End offices.

Not only do our employees as well as the capital’s cyclists deserve appropriate infrastructure, but also the provision of better, safer environments to encourage more non-cyclists to start using bikes.

As a result, we are likely to see reduced pressure on crowded tubes and bus routes and a reduction in vehicle emissions. With Living Streets and Just Economics reporting that the implementation of cycling projects can increase retail sales by 30%, new cyclists are likely to bring economic benefits too.

As a corporate entity, one of the key tenets of DTZ’s company policy is environmental responsibility. This not only involves delivering property services that improve working and living environments today, but supporting initiatives that will create a safer, sustainable tomorrow. It is for these reasons that we support the provision of London’s Cycle Superhighways, and the benefits they are capable of generating.”